ClenDtox Pro-I 
Colon Defender


Net Weight : 15gm x 20 sachets 

Price           : RM 98.00

Enhance the ability to detoxify and cleanse with ClenDtox Pro-I. Simple way to regain optimal health !




ClenDtox Pro-I is a healthy functional drink that has no preservative and additive added. It gives you an irresistible tropical fruit taste with a unique combination of organic and natural ingredients such as nopal cactus, acacia extract and bifido-bacterium with a perfect blend of greens and fruits. 

ClenDtox Pro-I, 一个以纯天然热带水果粉调味(非人造味素) , 并采用了纯天然和有机草本植物粉(非人工合成植物粉)来配制出独有的配方。口感和口味佳之余,也为注重全天然健康养生排毒的消费者带来佳音。


It is a powdered drink that is made up of natural cleansing formulation which specifically cleanses, detoxifies and purifies your body, and at the same time maintains your digestive regularity and promotes intestinal well-being. 

  • GMO Free
  • Gluten Free
  • No Colouring
  • No Preservative and Additive 

ClenDtox Pro-I 独有的配方,能有效地提升身体排毒力和协助打造健康的肠道。

  • 无基因改造
  • 不含麸质
  • 无色素
  • 不含化学添加物


  • Prevent constipation
  • Promotes bowel movement 
  • Shorten the passing time of food residues
  • Weight management
  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • Regulates blood glucose level
  • Prevention of colon diseases
  • Prevent hemorrhoids 
  • 舒缓便秘
  • 促进排便顺畅
  • 控制体重
  • 预防肠道疾病
  • 调节血糖,预防糖尿病
  • 有助于降低胆固醇,预防心血管疾病
  • 缩短食物及有害物质在肠道内逗留的时间,促进肠胃蠕动和排除体内毒素废物。