HURU  Tiger Milk Mushroom
Traditional Remedy for Respiratory Problems

Net Weight : 60 vegecaps 

Price           : RM 168.00

What is Tiger Milk Mushroom?

“Malaysia’s national treasure with a history of almost 400 years”

Hailed as Malaysia’s national treasure, the Tiger Milk Mushroom is a rare medicinal fungus found in the tropical rainforests of Malaysia, with almost 400 years of history of medicinal use. The Tiger Milk Mushroom uses the mechanism of ‘cleanse, regulate, restore and protect’, which achieves the goal of treating both symptoms and root causes at the same time. Damaged cells and tissues are repaired effectively, allowing the body to restore its self-cleansing and metabolic functions while protecting the body against infectious diseases by modulating and strengthening the immune system.




Traditional Remedy for Respiratory Problems

  • Relieves cough effectively
  • Relieves nasal allergies
  • Improves snoring problems
  • Relieves lung and respiratory problems
  • Boosts respiratory health and supports overall lung function