Net Weight : 800gm 

Price            :  RM 83.00

Essential nutrients for healthier and stroger bone growth, particular for growing kids and youth. 




OscoKid is a high protein beverage that is specially formulated for growing kids and youth with no preservative and additive added. OscoKid provides essential nutrients for growing kids and youth.  It is a unique combination of organic and natural ingredients such as Phosphatidyserine, Lutein, Algae DHA, Seaweed Calcium, Organic Millet, Soy Protein, and Prebiotic.


Better Eyesight, Smarter Brain, Yummy and yet Healthier!

  • Gluten Free
  • Natural
  • Organic
  • Vegetarian


  • 不含麸质
  • 纯天然无化学添加物
  • 有机
  • 素食


  • Effectively promote healthier and stronger bone growth.
  • An important nutrient for general mental performance, including  the ability to focus, better impulse control,  short-term auditory memory and learning
         without becoming easily fatigued.
  • HIgh in proteins which are the building blocks in human body.
  • Provides various types of vitamins, minerals and water soluble fibers for health and better bowel regularity.
  • An important prebiotic source to relief constipation in kids and youth.  
  • 协助孩童和青少年的骨骼健康并茁壮的成长!
  • 有助于活化大脑细胞膜,促进认知及学习能力,同时提升大脑反应速度,集中力及记忆力。
  • 提供优质蛋白质,是成长过程中不可缺少的重要营养之一。
  • 提供多种不同成长所需的维生素、矿物质和协助更顺畅排便的水溶性纤维。
  • 协助益生菌增长并预防便秘的益生元,尤其用于孩童和青少年身上更显有效。

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